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WELCOME TO OPEN HEART MESSAGES, the official site of Diana Anastazia.

Diana Anastazia is a multi-creative concept artist who as been recently described as a "Renaissance Woman". Her integrative stye of work serves to connect spirit and business that flows through her products and teachings as a speaker and creativity coach.

As Diana's projects find their way in places around the world her work will continue to speak to the process of becoming conscious in today's business world.

"Open your heart, expand your mind, and discover the ONEderful possibilities along the way"




Teachings to Kindle Your Life's Work

Altar YOUR Dreams Strengthening your assests of heart, spirit and surrender. Tuesday, June 22, 2010 - download pdf . or click here to learn more.





Gratitude for Freedom

Diana's message for creating a positive wave of energy to express gratitude for freedom has lead her on a journey called Project Join Us - Every one of U is a prt of Us. Click here to to visit site or click here to download pdf.

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