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Love the Planet

"It is within our nature to be kind to nature." ~DA

Mother Earth is an Extraordinary Planet!

Diana says:

Somehow along the way we have forgotten that the earth is alive and ever changing as we are, and that we truly need one another. Now is the time to place our attention and intention on creating a healthy world for which we all share. One kind act toward nature can bring oceans of change.

Earth-Friendly Ideas - "May our earth be forever green."

  • Become conscious that what we do and produce impacts people and the planet in both positive and negative ways.
  • Do your homework and start making small changes at home and work that will bring positive change to the environment.
  • Make a wish list for all your projects. Wish that whatever you are creating you can do with the utmost greening effect. Even if only 1% of your list is feasible, shift happens and the positive change will start accumulating.
  • Take responsibility for what we have created together so that we can begin to take the positive actions that bring change.
  • Make the time to enjoy and connect with the beauty, gifts and wonder that our planet/Mother Earth graciously give each one of us.

Earth-Friendly Resources - More to come! · "All the waters flow as ONE!"


Above are pictures taken by Diana. Enjoy the beauty of our planet!

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