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"I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world"
~Albert Einstein~

Kindness by Design

Diana is a Chicago-based concept artist, product designer, inspirational speaker and enrichment consultant who's been described as a woman with "style and spirit" with endless imagination and creativity. While paying attention to the details of her products she also infuses kindness and earth-friendly materials whenever possible. This has become a signature part of her work!

Diana often asks people to rethink their work. You will hear her say, "Work on purpose and have fun along the way." ~DA

A Gift from the Heart

A gift given in 1988 by Mary Kay Ash, of Mary Kay Cosmetics, inspired Diana to hand out glass gems when training consultants. She later used the gems to teach "anchoring" while working for Anthony Robbins. With glass artists, she designed her first product collection in 1998, Imagems®. Years later, Imagems would open the doors to opportunities she could not even dream. The imprint of her open heart design has found it's way throughout her other product lines.


Diana has a background in sales, marketing, management, personal and spiritual development, along with 25 years of combined experience in the retail and direct selling industries. Diana is an inspirational speaker who once worked for Anthony Robbins ... read more

Diana has worked with, been taught, guided and influenced by some of the most recognized business and spiritual leaders of our time. Because of Diana's real life experience in specialty stores, large retail, direct selling, art, cosmetics, manufacturing, alternative medicine, healers, peacekeepers and motivators from all walks of life, her life has been wholly enriched. To name a few: Milmour Products, Brighton Collectibles, Mary Kay, Anthony Robbins, Belinda Womack, Rhonda Day- Kooy, The Sisters from Sacred Heart Monastery, His Holiness D. Natsagdorj, Khamba Lama of Mongolia, Dr. Tony Lu, Ward and Diane Powers of ONE the movie, Rabbi Steve and Mendy Hart, Romulo Lizarraga of Peru, Dan Creely of Northeastern Illinois University, D&D Designs and Synergy Partners.

The Law of Attraction

One day, Fire Chief Freeman of Lisle/Woodridge asked Diana how she found and connected with so many amazing people and companies. Her Answer: "Cheif, they found me. We were drawn to ONE other."

"An awareness of the law of attraction and an understanding of how it works is essential to living life on purpose" ~ Esther and Jerry Hicks ~

Did you know?

Is that her real name ?

Those who know her personally hear others call her Donna, Danusha or Di by family and childhood friends. Though her real name is Diana, while growing up her school records had Diane written, which stayed with her until she discovered her real name during a search to apply for a passport in the 90's. Anastazia was her middle name and when her marriage ended, she ended her last name there. Etymology of Diana Anastazia is Divine Resurrection.

ONE nation under God

Diana's parents both immigrated to the United States from Europe after WWII. Their teachings of what a privilege it is to live in the USA and to honor and respect this land of the free has inspired Diana's work in many ways. She tries to serve as a bridge between USA citizen and World citizen coming together as one. She came up with a name for this vision, The ONEderful Project.

Love the Planet

Since 1998, Diana has been sending a message through her products to Love the Planet. She's contributed to an eco-friendly environment long before "green" became trendy.


The Great Blue Heron

She's found a new passion for nature photography. Gallery coming soon!

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