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"Open your heart, expand your thinking, and discover the ONEderful possibilities along the way"

Diana Anastazia has been described as a dynamic woman with a sense style and spirit. With her unique blend of vision, creativity, real world experience and energy, her presentations speak to becoming conscious in today’s business world.

Diana's has an integrative and holistic approach to business, which includes opening the heart and expanding the mind. As a work in progress, she believes that life is a classroom and we are: student and teacher, patient and doctor and employee and entrepreneur. For years she has been practicing the indigenous teaching to “pray and move your feet”. Diana sees this as igniting the energy of faith within us and to do the work necessary to support the realization of our dreams.

She believes our lives become enriched when we discover our connection to one another and to the environment. Diana works with a sense of purpose and infuses kindness in all of her work.














Teachings to Kindle Your Life's Work

Altar YOUR Dreams Strengthening your assests of heart, spirit and surrender. Thursday, June 22, 2010 - Click to learn more.













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