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Moving Messages - Peel & Stick 3D Emblems

Auto-Art and More! A product that promises to be the hottest thing
to hit the market place since "magnetic ribbons".

How will you use it? They stick to just about anything!

  • Decorate your car
  • Use it in your office
  • Give a unique gift
  • Event Giveaways
  • Fundraising
  • Mirrors/Windows

Charge the world with a positive message!

Moving Messages are "peel & stick" auto art emblems that are inspirational, beautiful and cool all at the same time. Imprinted words of Peace and or Love are in each symbol. . Made of chrome-coated plastic material and adheres using a 3M “peel and stick” auto safe tape. We use recycled materials whenever possible.

These parts are NOT MAGNETIC.

Stays on in the car wash!

Size is approximately 2".

Moving Messages are making their way into gift shops, bookstores, specialty boutiques, car washes and more. 

People are already asking, "Where can I get these?!"

Did you know that words, symbols and emotions vibrate at a certain frequency? We can use Moving Messages to charge the atmosphere with the power positive energy!

If you would like more information please contact us at Synergy Partners at 630-660-1907 or email us at synergypartners2@gmail.com.

More products will be showcased soon!

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