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Amma - Amma was welcomed to the Chicago area by Dr. Sharon Hahs, the President of Northeastern Illinois University and its Peace Connection Committee of NEIU. Diana Anastazia is active member of this committee and an NEIU almuni. She connected NEIU with Amma through her close connection to Gail Volpe, important member of the Amma Center of Chicago. Diana was honored to be a part of the Chicago Tour and presented Amma with flowers, peace offerings and participated in a Native American Tradition.

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Celebrate Your Life

Mishka Productions and Oprah & Friends- Diana joined Synergy Partners at the Celebrate Your Life conference to sell Moving Messages and other Diana's Anastazia Collections. This event was organized by Miska Productions and sponsored by Oprah & Friends! Some of Mishka Productions' speakers are Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Gary Zukov, James Van Praagh and more!

New Age Retailer

New Age Retailer - Diana's Moving Messages product was featured in the June edition of the New Age Retailer (NAR). NAR has been helping speciaty retails succeed for more than 22 years. They are a leading trade magazine for independent stores selling giftware and media for the consious consumer. In addition to 17,000 US buyers, New Age Retailer is distributed in the UK, New Zealand and across Canada.

Moving Messages

Moving Messages - CHICAGO, Illinois, August 15, 2005—Chicago area concept artist and product designer, Diana Anastazia, has launched her latest inspiration, Moving Messages Sculpted Auto Art & More. It’s Auto Jewelry™, a bling with meaning, that accessorizes your car, truck, boat, motorcycle, mirror, locker, and more, with a fresh, hip, sophisticated and classy style. Peel and stick Moving Messages™ symbols brings together all key elements necessary to make it the
next big trend in auto art.

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Celebration of the Lakes and Waters

Celebration of the Lakes and Waters - This was a celebration that bridges the business, faith, government, medical, education, recreational and all public communities, while creating an awareness of the important connection water has on our environment and daily lives. This event was covered on the front page of The Daily Herald, Chicago.

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Mystic Pop

Mystic Pop - Diana was asked to write an article for Mystic Pop Magazine March/April 2007 Edition. The name of the article in this publication was called Celebrate Your Life... an attendee's perspective.

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The Peace Connection - NEIU - "A Gathering of Peace and Water for our World"
The Ripple Effect

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Master Wan Su Jian - Captain of the Medical Team - 2008 Olympics - Master Wan Su Jian, founder and Head Physician of the Bejing Red Cross Traditional Medical Exchange Center and Qigong Headquearters, scheduled a two day visit in La Grange. Diana Anastazia was able to participate. Master Wan is world rennown and has been featured in many television documentaries.

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SEMA - Las Vegas - Manufacturer of Moving Messages, Milmour Products Inc. joins the SEMA Show in Las Vegas 2005. The SEMA Show is an event where emerging trends in automotive customization, design and engineering are unveiled each year.

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